Chiropractic Reviews

"I work with children and I was having a lot of pain in my life, when a close friend of mine suggested I go see a chiropractor. After my consultation and exam, I was put on a treatment plan. I went for several months during my corrective care phase. I fell sooo much better! I now know how important chiropractic care is. I feel it is important to tell others who are in pain!!!"

- Connie Wilkinson

"I was in constant pain for three weeks. I had difficulty sleeping and working because my hands kept going numb. It felt as though there was an arrow stuck in the middle of my back! After just two treatments with Dr. Coflin I have mostly recovered. I just want to say thanks so much for your personal dedication to your patients. Thank you!"

- Jesse Rector

"I started seeing Dr. Coflin 3 months ago, because I was having headaches daily. These headaches were extremely painful, and often turned into migraines, causing neck and shoulder pain over the past few months. I am seeing Dr. Coflin 3 times a week and I have been feeling great! My headaches are minimal; I have more energy and a better outlook on life. I am only 19 years old and I thought life for me was over, and that these headaches were going to be apart of my life forever. I am very thankful that Dr. Coflin is giving me a better outlook on life!"

- Brittany Knowles

"After over 35 years in a grueling labor intensive profession, as the classic undersized, over-achiever, always feeling I had to work harder than the next guy, vintage harley rider, self home improvement enthusiast and some-time water skier, where didn't I hurt?!?! At 50+ years old I felt as if my entire body were breaking down, neck, middle back, sciatica, knee and elbow joints. A friend and co-worker referred me to Dr. Coflin, and I soon discovered that his approach to chiropractic care is a whole body wellness. With in just a few months the improvements are astounding. I can work virtually pain free and I am enjoying my endless home improvement projects again. I only wish that I would have met him sooner. Maybe I could water ski again this year-Hmmmm..."

- Stefan Matter

"You are probably looking at this testimonial think what is a young 22 year old athletic body doing here up on this wall. Personally I am shocked myself that I even stepped into a chiropractic office. I ended up in Dr. Coflin's office after months of just trying to wait out the excruciating pain in my lower back and legs, but it never happened. I had a pinched sciatic nerve. Let me tell you how painful it pain shooting down my legs, I couldn't even put on my own socks! Growing up I was taught chiropractic is bad/voodoo like, and they just make things worse. 'Just go to a regular doctor and they will cure you.' I was always told. But not really thinking all those other doctors just gave me powerful pain reliever pills just to mask the problem away. These pills just mask the problem, not fix them. Chiropractic care, especially Dr. Coflin's fixes problems not covers them. It's all natural. I am so passionate about this field that I am going to be attending Chiropractic School in the fall to help and cure people naturally just like Dr. Coflin! Even though I am not thrilled I got hurt I am content that I did because I got to meet a wonderful chiropractor who I truly admire and respect. Personally you could not choose any better doctor than Dan Coflin."

- Christopher Morrow

"I have been going to chiropractor for 25 years. I initially sought treatment because I was involved in an auto accident that left my back a mess. I also suffered from whiplash which left my neck in so much pain, I couldn't even turn my head. After just two weeks of treatment I was able to return to work. I couldn't believe how much the adjustments helped. I knew right then and there that I would remain under chiropractic care for the rest of my life. I have been a wellness patient for several years, and I look forward to my adjustments and coming to the office. I truly feel that Dr. Coflin's office is a second home to me. Even if I don't have an appointment and I stop in, I know they will take care of me right away and that is hard to find. If you know anyone who is suffering tell them about chiropractic! It just might save their lives!!"

- Joan Murphy

"I suffered from occasional headaches due to tightness between my shoulder blades and in the neck, mainly on the right side. I was suffering with this condition for about 3 years and all I could do was take aspirin. After meeting Dr. Coflin at the Honey and Wine Festival in downtown Livermore, I decided to try chiropractic. The original examination was very thorough, from x-rays to range of motion tests. The x-rays found that one of the vertebrae in my neck and one in my upper back had uneven spacing between them and other vertebrae. Dr. Coflin recommended adjustments to increase the spacing, which would help with the headaches. I love to play gold and fish. Thankfully my condition didn't interfere with my favorite hobbies, but it did make them less enjoyable because after golfing or fishing my shoulder blades and neck would get really tight. The heavy gold clubs didn't help either. After just two months of chiropractic care, my neck's range of motion has increased by 20 percent. I also have less tightness between my shoulder blades. I am very pleased with my results. Modern Chiropractic is natural and I believe it is the best and only alternative to major surgery!!!!"

- Anthony Magretto

"I have been treated by Dr. Coflin since mid September of 2004. Before I started seeing Dr. Coflin I was in constant pain from the condition I have called scoliosis. I had seen several other back/spine specialists, one of which said that if the curve of my spine were to increase by two or more degrees I would have to have surgery. I am only 16 years old and I did not want to have surgery on my spine, I was so scared. My family was referred to Dr. Coflin's office by a family who was already under his care. After six months of care Dr. Coflin took and x-ray of my back to compare it to when I first started seeing him. The difference was amazing! Not only had the curve in my spine not gotten worse, it was being corrected and went from 38 degrees to 31 degrees! Everyone was amazed! My mother, father, and sister all see Dr. Coflin. All of us are hopeful that in another couple months, with the help of Dr. Coflin, my spine will become straighter. I have always referred Dr. Coflin to anyone looking for a great chiropractor; I call him a miracle worker!"

- Julie Knopfer

"At age 50 I sought chiropractic care to change a very head forward, poor posture condition that developed after a rear-ender auto accident some 20 years ago. Apparently I had slowly adopted a posture consistent with some cervical displacement that went undetected at the time of the accident. After a year of treatment, my head position was 1.5 inches farther back, cervical vertebrae curvature restored, and periodically debilitation upper back/neck muscle spasms eliminated. The absolutely most important part of my maintenance treatment is faithful practice of daily foam wedge traction (20 minutes), easily accomplished watching Barry Bonds chase the major league HR record on TV. As a chemist and Pre-Health Adviser at Santa Clara University, I find chiropractic to be a vital supplement to regular checkups with an MD. My wife and our 3 children are under maintenance care as well; it is especially helpful in assisting our 12-year old stay aligned for his Little League pitching duties.

P.S. - the environment in Dan Coflin's office is a delightfully familial opposite to that encountered in the offices of most MD's. And wait until you try the roller table; delightful relaxation!"

- Steve Fedder PhD

"I did not believe in chiropractors or chiropractic care until I met with Dr. Coflin, whom a good friend from work recommended. I was suffering from low back discomfort and a never ending urge to align my low back and pelvis. I did stretching, iced and used warm compresses. I also did a number of other self remedies, only to provide me with temporary relief. After several weeks of scheduled treatments with Dr. Coflin, I have experienced spinal stability. Also, my previous complaints have pretty much disappeared. As an avid cyclist I have experienced a newly found joy every time I ride my bike. I now understand how important proper nutrition, proper body mechanics and the right exercise are to contributing to the prevention of injuries and re-occurrences of injuries. I can't emphasize enough the significance of spinal alignment with chiropractic care. With our busy schedules it is easy to take things for granted sometimes. Thanks, Kendra for all your calls and follow ups! I feel 'at home' every time I come here. Dr. Coflin makes it feel that way for everyone."

- Ron Ferranco

"I have been a patient of Dr. Coflin's for over a year now. My original reason for going to see him was because I had pain caused by a previous care accident years before. Since I have been going to see Dr. Coflin I no longer have pain. As far as my day to day activity, I feel it is necessary for me to keep up on my health so I can remain a strong well-balanced person. By doing so I enjoy my regular visits with Dr. Coflin. Thanks"

- Hilary Eklund

"I was referred to Dr. Coflin by a very dear doctor friend of mine. I was suffering from chronic low back, mid-spine and chronic neck pain which was accompanied by headaches. I thought I would have to manage my pain by taking medications. I truly believed my low back pain would never go away because of an old fracture. After Dr. Coflin took x-rays and performed and exam, he gave me information on how chiropractic care could help me. He spent a great deal of time explaining a treatment plan designed to fit my needs. After only 2 adjustments my headaches and neck pain disappeared. Within the first month of treatment my lower back pain had decreased significantly and seems that it will completely resolve. I never thought it was possible because of the strenuous activity of both my job and the day to day activities with my 4 year old son. I am happy to say that I am almost completely pain free and I owe it all to Dr. Coflin. He is a doctor who care immensely for the health and well-being of his patients."

- Juliet Stromgren

"Many years ago, my father introduced me to chiropractic care. I was having pain between my shoulder blades and my dad knew the chiropractor would be able to help. I have been going since I was a child and now chiropractic is just a normal part of my routine!!!! My hobbies are gardening, reading, and using my computer. Without chiropractic care for so long, I doubt I would be able to keep doing any of these, especially gardening. Dr. Coflin checks my knees, which I know is the old reason I am able to garden to date. It is enlightening to me how routine chiropractic care has also helped me with stumbling and falling. Everyone should be checked by a chiropractor!!!!"

- Ben Axt

"When I first saw Dr. Coflin in February 2006, I had moderate lower back pain. Dr. Coflin took x-rays and discovered that I had arthritis and degeneration in my lumbar spine. Since then I have been getting routine adjustments. Months later my lower back pain has significantly improved. I am very happy with my chiropractic care and I think everyone should have a chiropractor."

- Janet D'Angelo

"I have been under chiropractic care for the past few years. I tried painkillers and physical therapy, which did gibe me some relief from a 'pinched nerve'. With the help of chiropractic I have maintained excellent mobility with minimal pain. In the past year I developed occasional foot pain. At times it felt like my big toes wanted to fuse to my other foot bones, causing a painful, crunchy feeling when I walked. Dr. Coflin has added a foot adjustment to my visits, and now I can walk as much as I want without any pain."

- Mary Burnham

"As a distance runner since high school and a marathon runner since 1989 chiropractic care has been an essential part of my injury prevention and solution as well as my overall well-being for the past 13 years. Dr. Coflin has kept my lower back problem from flaring up and has introduced several new procedures to eliminate re-occurring leg injuries from my life completely! Not only has Dr. Coflin's chiropractic care aided my running career, it has also tremendously helped my overall health...I rarely get sick anymore and, if I do, chiropractic contributes greatly to a speedy recover. My son and daughter, ages 8 and 6, are also under Dr. Coflin's care. My son's constant sports participation in soccer, football, basketball, roller hockey and baseball often results in misalignment. My daughter's active lifestyle includes soccer, tumbling and dance. Through 'Dr. Dan's' guidance they have learned to identify the need for and actually request visits when the feel an adjustment is required. Sarah and Monique are awesome to work with...scheduling, finances and advice are always dealt with in a professional manner. The office is very warm and inviting. Thanks Coflin Chiropractic for being such a delightful answer to my chiropractic and over healthy lifestyle needs!"

- Betsy Zimpfer

"I originally started with Dr. Coflin about 6 years ago because my leg was in pain and my foot was going numb. Within about 3 months of continuous care I didn't even realize but the pain was gone and no numbing. I have been hit and miss sense then but I know that I need to keep up with the maintenance. When I miss for more than I should my body tells me, 'go back'. I swear by chiropractic care and Dr. Coflin is the best."

 - Barbra B. - 5 Feb 2014

"I am a patient for seven months now - I am happy: in addition to No neck and back pain I noticed more body strength, ability to remember things better, NO headaches!!! Dr. Coflin is very gentle,I am amazed with his ability to find "those" points along the spine that need attention, he is a great doctor and a very good person, his office stuff are sweet friendly ladies. It is family chiropractic office, They treat you as a family when you are there."

 - Valentina L - 12 April 2014

"I have had a great experience with Dr. Coflin for my back issues. He is very gentle, and well trained in his treatments. I feel much better after each visit. I highly recommend Coflin Family Chiropractic."

 - Patty Fiorica - 23 Apr 2014

"After months of a lot of pain and discomfort I am feeling improvement. It did take time (and and Dr. Coflin said it would take time because the damage didn't occur in one day, it has been a lifetime damage that needs repair) but I am having a lot of good days now. I appreciate the office working with me to make my visits more affordable too. The office staff is great. I would highly recommend Dr. Coflin."

 - Pamela B. - 26 May 2014

"One of the best things I've done. After doing the treatments, I feel amazing again. The office is friendly and they are very customer focused."

 - Owen O. - 22 Aug 2014

"Dan, and Sarah, are very caring and knowledgeable people. Both have worked hard to avail themselves of natural ways to healthy living and have endeavored to pass this knowledge on to us, their patients and friends."

 - Peter M, Phoenix, January 21st, 2013

"I would highly recommend them. This is a family run business and they really take there time to help you out. They really care about there patients and individualize your care!!"

 - Mark, Phoenix, January 11th, 2013

"Dr. Coflin and his wife are very caring, patient and supportive. I appreciated the time that he spent with me, and the adjustments that he did were very helpful. I will continue to see Dr. Coflin."

 - Mary F, Phoenix, January 4th, 2013

"I went to his new Phoenix/Phoenix office. He is the best. And, the location is so close to me and everything else. My leg/groin area was in pain and after just three visits it has gotten lots better. I went for my leg hurting and foot starting to get numb. He started treatment and when he had asked me how it was doing I couldn't remember when it went away. And, for those who have knee problems, check him out. I have learned that most pains come from the spine. CHECK OUT DR. COFLIN!!!!!!!"

 - Barbara, B., Phoenix, November 5th, 2012

"I LOVE The Coflin's! Dr. Coflin and his wife Sarah are super nice, TRULY CARE and really know what they are talking about! My appointments are thorough and quick so I can just stop in get adjusted and walk out feeling better and better every time. If you are looking for an AMAZING chiropractor Dr. Coflin is the man!"

- Marissa, Phoenix,CA, November 5th, 2012

"I was looking for a chiropractor closer to home and saw an information table for Dr. Coflin at my gym. From the start I was feeling what I read from other's reviews. Dr. Coflin adjusted his schedule and saw me outside the normal work hours. He took the time to get to know me and squeezed me in again without an appointment. It is still early but I am very excited and feel fortunate to have found Dr. Coflin."

 - Sal P., Phoenix, November 5th, 2012

"Dr. Coflin is amazing! The best chiropractic I've had. While other chiropractors can be too rough or just don't get the job done, Dr. Coflin is gentle but still gets everything where it needs to be. The office is friendly, and Dr. Coflin is warm and makes you feel comfortable and at ease. I love being active and was unable to run and do other things i enjoy for a while but with Dr. Coflin's help i can do whatever activities i want to without pain and discomfort. Thanks, Dr. Coflin!"

 - Amanda S., Monterey, CA, October 6th, 2012

"While on vacation from Florida, visiting family and friends in the Phoenix area, a pre-existing lower back injury flared up on me suddenly and I needed a good chiropractor and quick! Dr. Coflin had a great location nearby. He is extremely friendly and knowledgeable when it comes to chiropractic care. In Florida, after my injury, it took several visits to different chiropractors before I found a specialist who was able to truly identify my particular issue and help treat it. I happened to have pictures of my x-rays with me on my smart phone and after Dr. Coflin examined them carefully, he identified the exact same issue my specialist in Florida identified...and this was off of my PHONE!!! His adjustments were exactly what my body needed..they were smooth, careful, and precise to the injury (not just adjusting for the sake of adjusting). Although I'm only here for a few days, I couldn't have asked for a better experience. I would highly recommend him with confidence."

 - Mike O, Tampa, Fl, October 6th, 2012

"I started racing sprint cars after years of racing motocross, and after sitting in the seat and being strapped in my left foot would go numb after about 10 minutes, Someone suggested a chiropractor since I already had occasional lower back pains, so I looked up the closest one and it was Dr. Coflin. I saw him Thursday for a first visit, had x-rays done Friday afternoon and saw Dr. Coflin again Friday night. Turns out my lower back,neck and hip are all messed up and possibly pinching nerves. I had my first adjustment and started feeling great, I'm now set up on a twice a week schedule and my numbness problem is going away. I can now get thru a race day without my foot going to sleep or getting numb! Dr. Coflin and his wife are very friendly, he has a few plans to work with your budget and when I visit I'm in and out, I don't have to sit around and wait. Its painless! I would highly suggest Dr. Coflin to anyone looking for a chiropractor!"

 - Steven G., Phoenix,CA, October 6th, 2012

"I started going to see Dr. Dan Coflin because of a pinched nerve over a year and a half ago. It was causing tingling/numbing on the right side of my body. I thought I would have to go to the hospital to have it treated. Much to my complete happiness, Dr. Dan was able to help get my back into alignment and relieve the nerve problem. He is truly amazing, and I cannot give enough recommendation to go see him. I continue to go in for regular 'maintenance' check-ups."

 - Suzanne Carlson, Phoenix, October 5th, 2012

"My lower back was in pain, and I was anxious about the idea of going to a Chiropractor. However, I now have a new appreciation for Chiropractors but more specifically to Dr. Dan Coflin. He is simply amazing! Not only did I walk out of his office with movement and feeling better. I vowed to myself to RECOMMEND anyone who needs comfort to VISIT him. I can assure anyone that reads this; YOU will find the same value as I did with Dr. Dan Coflin's commitment to creating results."

 - Michael O'Brien, Phoenix, October 5th, 2012

"I went to Dr. Dan for back pain, and didn't even realize that chronic headaches and numbness in my fingers could be connected to my alignment being not right! I'm so happy that Dr. Dan is able to help me with these issues and the back pain."

 - Brenda L, Phoenix, October 5th, 2012


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